First Month Jitters

Hi all,

I’ve been learning the basics of Javascript on Codeacademy since December before starting on here since the start of January (I heard FCC was a better way to learn).

I was really pleased with my progress at first but now that I am getting into the thick of it with JS i’m finding it really tough to get my head round some of the tasks.

Mostly it is because I seem to be overthinking what is being asked of me.

I’m also struggling to connect what I am learning to real world applications.

Is this learning curve normal?

I’m right there with you, so many times I have had to go back a few steps in JS because it just didn’t seem like I was picking things up. Ive been told it gets easier but so far it isn’t for me but I am determined to keep going with it.

Yes, it’s normal. Learning to program is hard.

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Yes the learning curve is normal. Javascript can be confusing when you are first starting out. It’s because the landscape is so wide, it’s difficult to know what to learn next. Just stick with it and learn one thing at a time, it’ll all tie together in the end :slight_smile:

Once you get past the intermediate JavaScript and basic algorithms, most of what you will be doing is building practical applications.