First part of Calculator Challenge

I am starting out on the calculator challenge and wanted to know if I am going down the right track. When it is saying “create a clickable element” I have put down the following.

  <button id="equals">=</button>
  <button id="zero">0</button>
  <button id="one">1</button>
  <button id="two">2</button>
  <button id="three">3</button>
  <button id="four">4</button>
  <button id="five">5</button>
  <button id="six">6</button>
  <button id="seven">7</button>
  <button id="eight">8</button>
  <button id="nine">9</button>
  <button id="add">+</button>
  <button id="subtract">-</button>
  <button id="multiply">*</button>
  <button id="divide">/</button>
  <button id="decimal">.</button>

Pretty basic at this stage but just wanted to know if I am on the right lines.

Almost all elements are clickable. You can choose what element type you want to use. It seems like button, div, and a elements are the most popular for the Calculator project’s clickable elements.

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thanks randelldawson for the reply.