First pass at "Local Weather App"

I’m excited to have a project that satisfies the “Local Weather App” criteria. I used the opportunity of building the weather app to familiarize myself with the HyperDev online development environment. I also implemented the layout using CSS-flexbox to play around with a responsive design. I opted out of using for an API and instead used a combination of APIs from and for location and weather data.

Now that the functionality seems stable, I plan to a redesign to make the app much more appealing to look at. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Local Weather App - Forecasting

Code can be found at GitHub

Your geolocation doesn’t appear to be working for me. It says my location is Arizona, which is not the case.
The weather information for the assumed location (AZ) appears to be correct.
The forecast is a nice touch!

Thanks for checking the app out! I inadvertently left my cached location data linked instead of requesting new data. It should be working now.

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