First Porfolio challenge

Hello everyone, new user here.

So I just got to the point where I’m supposed to make a portfolio similar to this. And I have a few questions:

One : How do I make a sticky element like the menu up there?

Two: How do I make one of the menu titles highlighted based on which part of the page i’m on?

three: How do I make text responsive (get smaller when page view is smaller like the img element.)

These things weren’t explained in the lessons prior to that part. So any help is appreciated.

Hi @itameio

  1. Have look at the CSS property position and a value it can take called fixed.

  2. There’s a number of ways you could do it, all done via JavaScript. Easiest way is to use bootstraps scroll spy.

  3. Again, a number of ways to do this, usually via CSS. You could use viewport relative units (vh, hw, vmin, vmax), or, bootstrap has built in support for responsive elements.


For responsive layout you have to study media query in css. This can change your code when screen change width. There are so much stuff to learn how build responsive site, but you can start with media queries.


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