First Portfolio can you guys provide feedback based on design?


This is my first project in Web-Dev. Reviews would be beneficial. Also I have tried to include dark mode too. Could you guys review the design part also.


I really like this! Dark mode is awesome and I like the way the font colours are affected too.

As for things I’d change:

I would make the horizontal break point kick in at a larger size. Atm your pic is able to obscure the “o” in “hello”

I would align your skills bullet points with the text above.

There isn’t a clear CTA for the connect section, the logos are the kind of size that would be appropriate for a footer. Maybe add a giant envelope button or “Message”. Something that draws the eye and is an easy action for the user to do.

Again, great site and I like the work in your portfolio!

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@jonathanrace77 Thanks for the suggestions man! Really appreciate them.

Pretty cool! I love your pictures! How long have you been taking pics?

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Thanks man! it’s been a year now. I take them from my mobile phone. @codeofdreams

Firstly i love the site! Great Job!
I wouldnt link my photography personally, i love photography as well but i will make a seperate site for that.
I love the Dark Mode - thats pretty cool, and i also love the sidebar social media buttons.
On my monitor, your initial page load is poor, my screen (2013 macbookpro), you are cut off at the knees in your photo.
Im not a fan of the Nav button spacing (super picky), or with the lightbulb icon, it looks kinda cramped where it is - give both a little room perhaps?
id love to see the project images have equal space to the parent container all around.

Im not keen on your class names (sorry) - why are they so complex? (im a novice myself so if im an idiot for not knowing something let me know gracefully :rofl:) If i had to come along afterwards to update this website (say this was a customer site), i would be a bit perplexed about the class names - e.g. class “row row-content justify-content-center” - is not that intuitive for a small site. I guess it would be different if this was a major content site… :thinking:

Okay so those class names are predefined classes in Bootstrap so I don’t have any option there xD.

For the photography one are you talking about that line in the bio or the instagram links?

For Navigation bar I’m still trying to figure out the correct way to space them and yeah that bulb icon has been bugging me a lot. Will try to resolve them ASAP.

Ah ok, i thought something else was involved with the class naming!

I just mean leaving photography off your portfolio site in general - is this a portfolio site for coding projects or is it a CV?

Please fix the image crop at the fold and the images not centering inside their container at max size, that will make the site look good straight “out of the box”…

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It’s kind of mixture, did not create it for something specific. Although I do understand your point and will remove that photography thing when I use this officially somewhere.

Image crop at the fold? @tommytucker

here is how your page loads on my mac; - thats my full viewport. Did you mean to place the image so that you are cut off?

In the original image I’m cutoff, but the image in the oval should be visible completely like the oval should be completely visible, I’ll look into it.
Thanks for pointing it out @tommytucker

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