First Portfolio for the "Basic Front End Development Projects"

Any feedback on the design and functionality are appreciated before I submit it. This is the 3rd basic website I have built.

Its a start

<— Notice these massive margins? —>

Its since there is a lot of different screen sizes your working with. Your webpage doesn’t look the best past the size you made it on.

Once you add images, they will get resizes also. Try css grids if you want easier than bootstrap responsive website. Anyone can learn it -->

The color scheme isnt the best, same with the layout.

I followed a tutorial for this, an it ironically isn’t responsive. That littoral was deleted, but its a general layout on how it should look.

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Thanks for the feedback. I did use a combination of grid and flexbox to make the site. Also your screenshot is kinda weird. When I view the site, the top margins don’t exists, and the pictures work.

Maybe it is a browser issue?

Among the others i can see this error:


It appears you have a link to your css in your desktop :open_mouth:

Ah yes it’s true:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/home/shrug/Desktop/htmllearn/Portfolio/style.css">

I checked your css and i have the feeling you pasted in there something more than you should ( all the font-awesome css file if i am correct^^)

So, you should do few operation:

  • Delete all the css stuff in your css tab and paste only the things you have written for this challenge;

  • Connect the resources you will use in the html section ( better in the 'Settings --> ‘HTML’ --> ‘Stuff for head’ ) using the CDN given for that resource ( as you did with font-awesome and a google-font, I can’t say if there is something else);

  • Use something else but imgur: this is a quote from FCC issues where it discuss the problem using imgur and codepen ( GitHub - FCC Issue ):

OMG, i have not noticed this until it was way too late :frowning:
Imgur displays your images if you are currently logged into imgur

But - then when you send the codepen link; they will not be viewable by others :frowning:
Like using Paint.NET plugin to anonymously upload all your images :confused:

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Images aren’t working for me either.

Thank you guys. I think I fixed it.

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