First Portfolio Help & Tips

Hello, I have recently reached the portfolio project and I decided to make it slightly harder than it needs to be. I basically only want to use what has been taught so far or what I have learned on my own. But, as you can see I’m kinda at an impasse. So I guess my question is how do i get my paragraph tag to be visible. And is there any thing in the code that I’m making way harder than it should be? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I got rid of the old design in favor of this one. Only a slight problem is somehow I broke my nav bar… No idea on how to fix it. More than likely i’m gonna just remake it. Also i was having trouble picking colors for the scheme of the site then i found. This website that made my life so much easier.
Got that fixed now too.

I noticed that you’re closing div tag for the about div is after the closing h1 tag. Try moving it to after the closing p tag. This will put your paragraph inside the div

Hmm, that does make the p tags content visible but it also messes with the positioning of the image.