First portfolio second project

I thought the tribute page was hard but the portfolio was something else lol! When I gain more experience I’ll go back and upgrade.

link to portfolio

I’m sure you learnt quite a bit doing this, so it’s good for a starting point, fresh prince! :wink:

Maybe changing some colors? Adding some ‘easing’ effect on scrolling to the links…?

Happy coding!

I found a tag <about> in your code but I don’t think it’s a valid html tag…
I looked it up here but cannot find it.

But good work and cute puppies! :dog2:

Yeah I’ll admit it could of been more stylish but I’m very new to coding barely a week. I don’t know how to do much yet but when I get more experience I’ll come back and upgrade the hell out of it! Thank you for your feedback.

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Thanks! It was a useless tag that I forgot to delete.

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