First Post-Tribute page

Hi guys it’s my first time posting here, I’m kinda new on FCC and still very beginner.

I finished the tribute page and would like some feedback, even if it’s rubbish then I would like to know haha.

I must admin I found the project quite difficult and the portfolio even more difficult.

Anyway here’s the link:

Also this might be a stupid question but what is the fork button for on Codepen? I see it on GitHub aswell.

I noticed that you have smaller “paragraphs” inside your <p> elements. This is exactly what you should be using <p> for: marking up paragraphs.

Instead of using <u> in your <h3>s, you can add text-decoration: underline; in your CSS for h3. Also, <strong> semantically puts strong emphasis on its contents (think of the emphasis you’d find in “Caution”, “Important”, etc.). Also, headings are already bold by default.

Your <strong> elements are not closed.

The fork button copies the pen to your profile. If I logged in and forked your work, I’ll have a copy of what you did (which I’m free to play with). Forked pens know they are forks and have links to the original.

You can also fork repos in GitHub. This is usually used if you want to contribute to the repo (by making changes on your fork and submitting a pull request).

excellent work , beautiful page, i love music group queen and its lead singer

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