First project - A Tribute Page On Nelson Mandela

Hi guys! This is my first project which is a tribute page on Nelson Mandela. Feedback would be highly appreciated.
Tribute Page - Nelson Mandela

Good Job!!
Did you check for errors??
Did you submit as being completed??
Did it keep your progress?? and take you to the next project??


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nice job.

one suggestion is to use headings (h1-h6) in order. so if you start with an h1, h2 should be next. (highly relevant for accessibility).

you can always target your h2 with css and style it to your needs.

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Nice job and nice topic about Nelson Mandela. I’m thinking to do the same in Italian language.

Yes I did all of that and passed. I’m currently working on my next challenge which is a Survey Form. I’ll surely post it when I’m done. Thank you for your feedback🙂

That would be great! I hope to learn italian some day.

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Great suggestion! Thank you

you will see this bad habit a lot in youtube videos and even on coding bootcamps. you see it a lot in marketing or web designers (not developers) who insist on using h1's all over the place in the same document.

visually it may make sense, but people using screen readers will not appreciate it. they relay on semantic meaning and structured markup. some software allows you to tab through headings and if your headings have no semantic meaning it just adds unneeded confusion for the reader.

i once heard a developer at a conference give the following rules for web development as

  1. make accessible websites
  2. have fun
  3. have fun making accessible websites

Along these lines, you should also limit the amount of

elements you use in favor of < main > < section > < footer > and < header >

These make your code cleaner and also help people who need to use screen readers.

Edit, didn’t know that they don’t show tags :confused:


I’ll love to learn more on that.

I’m trying to have as much fun as possible :smirk::smirk:. Thanks for this!

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:slight_smile: good to hear that you’re appreciating :slight_smile: