First Project: A Tribute to Jung Hoseok [REVISED]

Hey guys,

No matter how much I change the CSS styling I still feel like it looks dated. Is that just me?

Let me know if you see anything that could be improved or doesn’t work properly!

Thank you.


Here is the revised version of this project. Again, please let me know what needs to be improved!

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Hey @kelsdiane :smiley:
First set of colors are fine, until you get to the description of the first photo. With that color it’s particularly difficult to read the text.

Overall colors need to be tweaked. Try something simple first and then experiment (Inspiration:

The long images get out of view when you scale the screen. You should try to recreate a gallery of sorts that has responsive containers.

Speaking of text, it’s too long, it should be at least haft of the current width.

Finally, is that an download link to an Album? is it legally distributed or is that an illegal download? :thinking:


Hi Kelsdiane. Just saw your first project " A tribute to Jung Hoseok.
It is a nice but I do feel like you here are some recommedations you should work on to improve the project:
1- Spacing. Add space after the h1 and id=“jhope-description”>.
2- Change id=“jhope-description”> to h2 or h3
3- Reduce id=“img-div” size
4- Improve the Readability with High Contrast Text
5- Position the last 2 P on center or one in the left and the other on the rigth.
hit me back. :wink:

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Not sure if anyone else noticed but in your ‘tribute-info-solo’ section, the background color is the same as your anchor:hover color so when hovering, this text “disappears”


The album link is legal, he released it for free on Google Docs and that site. I know it looks sketch LOL

Also, yeah everything you said is right. I was trying to match the color palette with the album art but its just too wild. Gonna completely revisit/reconstruct this tribute page from the beginning just for the sake of making it more streamline.

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Yeah, I noticed that immediately after posting the link here LOL

I’ll make sure to keep that in mind with my second attempt at this tribute page!


Thanks! I’m about to redo the whole thing so I’ll keep these things in mind!