First project am I ready

Need some advise, I just finished the HTML and jQuery challenges and now about to start the project tribute page but after watching the youtube vid explaining that you should try coding first and not look at the source code, I don’t feel I’m ready. The challenges were difficult but not sure it prepared me for the project! First time coding.

I think every project is challenging and I’ll have mental block due to the enormity of the project, or so it seems.

I find that typing the first element in and seeing the immediate result (if you are using Codepen), helps to elevate any anxiety I had.

Then I’ll just build up from there. And if I get stuck with HTML, I’ll style the elements to my heart’s content.

That’s how I usually start all my projects.

If it helps you can try breaking the layout into parts and focus on just completing that chunk. “Okay it looks like the first thing I need is a title, let’s make one and get it centered.” Does that make sense?
The image can be the next chunk, then the main text content, etc.

What’s great is that since pretty much all html elements are block level elements you can think in blocks. For starters imagine you’re building a wall with one large vertical column of bricks. Then as you get a better handle on how to do that you can move on to adding more bricks horizontally. Like a small text paragraph aligned alongside an image. That’s two bricks side by side in a two column format. What’s neat too is that concept is what makes up most frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation. The concept of building things in rows and columns.

If you want some great practice, just make different types of components. Like building and styling a simple navigation menus, or working with paragraphs (maybe aligning them side by side or make them wrap around a image). Another component could be working with an image or two and making them responsive. Another one could be a simple contact form. If you practice building the common parts you see, eventually you can look at a website project and mentally break it down into what you need. Makes it a lot less overwhelming. Suddenly it’s not like “Holy crap I have to build this entire layout”. Instead it’s “I need a header area with a menu and I need a logo over to the left of it. Okay got that, now I need to make a large banner area with an image…”