First Project - Charles Darwin Tribute Page - Any feedback wanted

Hi, I just started this journey a week ago and plan on learning full time to hopefully be employable within 6 months. I really want to be able to work remote on a well paying income so I can continue my travels.

Today I tried to apply the knowledge I’ve learned over the past week to build a web page. Going so fast I forgot a lot but create the page has really motivated me. I’ve use as a reference to help me remember format and tools. I also used color.adobe to pick a pallet but really only used it for the borders on the image caption and background.

For now I plan to start the JavaScript course while also spending the other half of my time completing the Web Dev projects.

Anyway here is my project as of now:

I’d really like to go above and beyond and create a nice page for my portfolio. Any feedback is appreciated even if it’s really harsh.


Why not try some cool shadow effects onto your pictures ? our a simple css gradient :3

div {
  box-shadow: 15px 15px;
#grad {
  background-image: linear-gradient(green, blue);

thanks for the reply KittyKora I’ll try these out.

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The layout of the image and text under the title ‘HMS Beagle’ is a little too far left, but I like that you’ve included a picture.

Maybe try a different font for the quote at the top.

This might be a personal preference, but when there’s a lot of text like that, I like it when there’s a bit more space between the sections, or something to delineate each section from the other.

This is a pretty good start. I like what you’ve done with the background colour.

p.s. you’ve spelled Galapagos wrong in a couple of places :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, specially on the spelling errors!

I’ve made some more changes and tried adding a scale-able nav bar. Let me know what you think! Code is still a little messy, I’ll probably restart from scratch before adding to any portfolio.

This is a fantastic tribute page but it still contains some drawbacks for me.

I personally don’t like the color choices due to the lack of contrast. The two hues of green don’t compliment the design. Some of your layouts seem out of place like the map image. The body text font and font-size sometimes get messy when changing the window size.

But the navigation bar is… AWESOME! :grin:
It is designed simply and responds well (great use of media queries! Love the hover animation)

Anyways, for a first project, this is amazing! Sorry if my criticism was a little blunt and mostly regarded design choices. :sweat_smile:

Good luck, I look forward to seeing more great work from you in the future! :grin:


I appreciate the harshness as long as it’s constructive, as yours was. I wasn’t really happy with the map either and I’ll definitely look more into color theory for web design.

I can’t accept all the praise on the navigation bar since I used a tutorial but it didn’t really work well with my long list of navigable items so it took a little bit of band-aid problem solving, but I did add a few things myself. Probably spent as much time tinkering on this as I did the rest of the page.

Looking forward to more criticism from yourself as well!