First Project Complete, Feedback Requested Before Upload

I’ve finally finished my first tribute page, I want to see where I could improve and what people think of it overall.


Hi @Smellbringer!

I think your page looks great.

A few things.

  • There are a few errors in your html. Run your code through the analyzer so you can fix those errors.

  • In codepen, you don’t need to include the doctype, and head tags. That is taken care of for you by codepen. If you need to include links in the head section you can place that in the head section in the html settings.

  • Please do not use br tags to force line breaks. That is what css is for. Br tags should only be used when line breaks are significant like in a poem or address.
    Also br tags should look like this <br> not this <br/> (when you get to react than this is allowed)

  • (optional) You could rewrite this margin like this to cut down on repetition.

margin: 10px auto 10px auto;

/*10px = top-bottom auto=left-right*/
margin:10px auto;

Congrats on finishing your first page.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi @Smellbringer

You page looks good.

One think I would like to suggest is to keep margin for your body from left and right, when opened in mobile it is taking 100vw which is making it a bit difficult to read.

Thank you.
Keep coding.

Your project looks great, i would just want you to do a little touch on the figcaption and the img-caption, add a little margin-top of about 2 rem to them to give it a breathing space from images, and I think you should use @media queries to set the overall padding of the websites for smaller screen sizes because the texts run totally to the edge when viewed on mobile.


@Eprince Oh, that’s how you fix that. Thanks.