First Project Complete - Feelin' Good!

Hey, everyone!
I just completed the Tribute Page Project, would love some feedback! Here’s the link:

It took me a few days to finish this even though it’s probably the easiest of the lot. I found that I had to keep going back to the curriculum to look up how to give certain effects to the page. But I’ve read it on the forums many times that making projects is when you really learn so I did not let myself be disappointed by that and really enjoyed myself while making this.

Also, I’m super confused about what the instructions meant by ‘forking’ the link. I read the instructions on Codepen but still not sure what it is, could someone please help with that? Thank you!

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Looks good! Congrats on getting through the first project.

Forking a link refers to taking a copy of a pen and modifying it for your own project. Forking the links for the projects give you the script for the tester to make sure you have passed all the criteria. Forking isn’t necessary, just a convenience.

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Thank you @hatbearingoctopus! And also for explaining about forking, I thought it was a way to test if I’ve followed all the tests. :sweat_smile:

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