First project complete! Seeking feedback

Hello everyone,

First time poster here. I just finished my first project, and I’m seeking feedback. I’m a newby to programming, and I think I only joined Freecodecamp about 4 or 5 days ago. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Here my CodePen link:

Verify the email address so we can go into full page view.

Also, a little padding between the text and the browser borders would be nice to have. Would make things look alot prettier. After that I think its just needs better font styling.

and… thats all I can think of.


Congrats on your first project! My only critique is responsiveness (Adapting for smaller screen sizes) and the image used is a little small to be stretched to 1000px.

1.) Try using a larger image for better quality.
2.) Instead of absolute pixel values, try using percentages, ems (for font) and vh (1vh = 1% of the viewport’s height) and (1vw = 1% of the viewport’s width) for more flexibility.

For a responsive image try this

  .larger-image {
      width: 100%; /*Image will be 100% of the viewport*/
      max-width: 1000px; /*But it can't be bigger that 1,000px*/
      /*Don't specify the height, the image will adapt*/

3.) You’re wanting to use the font ‘Harmattan’ but you’re never loading it. Also you’re loading in bootstrap.min.js, and the Google fonts Pacifico and Titillium Web without using them.

Try this instead: <link href="|Limelight" rel="stylesheet">

Also, don’t forget to validate your email on CodePen!

Here’s a responsive adaptation with a bigger image.

Thanks @StuffieStephie for the valuable feedback. I will play around with these ideas before moving on to the second project.

Thanks @Cardboard. I will try to use your suggestions to improve my project.