First Project Completed: A tribute page to Dr. Joseph Lister

Hello Everyone,

I just completed the first project (a tribute page), and would love any feedback. Here it is: 
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This looks pretty good! I would

give some padding top to your title.
center your image.
enable full page view because I get this.

Thanks. I just verified the email, and changed it to full page view. Hopefully that fixes the problem.

nice work!

good html structure. I like that you kept your headings consistent. css looks concise also. i suggest getting into the habit of adding comments even if your code is ‘self-explanatory’. e.g., marking sections for header, body, main, etc. as you do more projects your code base will increase and it will help you as well as others reading through it. on this project its not much of an issue but good habits start early.

centering your image has already been suggested so i will just suggest some small challenges!

  • make your image responsive
  • try replacing absolute units with rem’s

Thank you. The strange thing, is that my image was centered, and it passed all the tests. Then I rechecked it just now, and somehow, the image was on the right??? So, I tried all the css ways to center it, and nothing was working. What I ended up doing, was I added the tag, right in the html. That worked really well, and now it passes the tests again. Thank you for all of your suggestions.

Its good, theres just a little problem with your image’s responsiveness. when i make the screen smaller, your image stays the same size. it should become smaller with the page so it doesnt go out of its container. here is a screenshot of what im talking about. Other than that i think the colors look really good and the content is interesting