First Project Completed! - Tribute Page to Anne Frank

Hello guys! This is my first post. I started the course on June 27 and now I finally finished my first project. I passed all the tests, and I can see everything in order on my laptop. The only inconvenient is in the mobile format, I can’t see the picture, only the alt text. I hope you can give me some advice, I’m just starting with developing, and I want to improve everyday and turn this into my way of living, thank you! :grinning:

Tribute page to Anne Frank

Hey, I checked your project and I think that project was really good for your first project but there is many more complex projects to build.
And i saw that project in mobile view and the image was clearly visible to me, but what yo can still do is to add a element and add meta tags in it for the responsive design.

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Thank you for your feedback @ashishpal. My cellphone is old (Android 6) but my sister’s phone is an iPhone 8 and the image is not visible neither. I will research on how to make the page more responsive and improve it, thanks again!

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