First Project (Create a Portfolio)

Hello! I just finished my first project and I’m looking for some feedback and help. I didn’t realize until after completing the project that “personal style” meant choosing anyone, not just rebuilding the given example from the ground up. I’ll make sure I do that for next time. :slight_smile:

I had several questions about trying to create the example project though. At first it was difficult to create the page margins in the body, but I’m curious to how the example did it. Would you recommend looking at the code in the examples as a method of learning new concepts? Also, I was not able to create desired indentation on my

  • 's (text isn’t indented past the bullet points, like this one), nor did I know how to create the list that starts with “—” for the quote. Advice on how to do that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • For this challenged I believe that you are supposed to select an individual who you would like to make a tribute page for, and creatively expand on the ideas presented in the example.

    For the quote you can use this reference to insert symbols into your pages, and according to that reference the dash is: &#x97

    Hope that helps, good luck on your journey.