First Project - My Tribute Page

I couldn’t think of a person to make a tribute for, so I did a tribute to the Kentucky Derby.

Any feedback is very welcome! I started this course with a bit of html knowledge, but I haven’t worked on a site in quite a few years.

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I’m new here, but I liked your work. It must have taken a lot of time.

Looks great! @Jeni It also looks nice on smaller screen sizes, good work on the responsiveness.
There are some instances where the use of div’s could be replaced with semantic HTML elements. While this won’t directly effect the way your website works, it does effect accessibility for screen readers, as well as becoming best practice to utilize the semantic elements. You can read up on semantic elements with examples here.

Just something to think about in future projects…

Happy Coding!

That is a good point! I honestly didn’t think about it, but now that you point it out I do see several areas that I could make some replacements, thank you for the suggestion :+1:t3:

Thank you! :blush: It took me about one weekend, working on and off.