First Project: Rebecca Sugar Tribute Page

Hello everyone,

I just started getting into web programming again and would like to get some feedback on my Tribute Page to Rebecca Sugar. I’m sure there’s errors and room for improvement, so any comments or suggestions really helps!

I’m guessing you are still working on this cause I had to uncomment your content to be able to see it all, but so far looks really good! I suggest changing the padding on your body section, so that instead of using padding to create space give your body section a set width instead, then a max-width of 100% so that its viewable on mobile… Right now, with 25% padding on each side, on smaller screens, yoru content can only take up 50% of the space.

Also, in your header consider removing the xs col size so that when it scaled down, the blurb will slide under her photo instead of them squishing together. You dont need to list all the col sizes btw, you can just select the smallest one you want to set it for. xs by default means nothing will shift and will always stay in one row, which is why I suggest removing it.

Really cool person to do your Tribute on btw!

Oh my god, thank you so much, this completely solved the problem I was having!! As you probably noticed, I was having a lot of trouble figuring out the header, so that’s why I commented the body out.

Also, Rebecca is such a wonderful influence in my life it would be a shame not to do the tribute page for her.

Thank you again, you literally saved me!