First Project Tribute Page Feedback! A Coruña

Hello everyone! Just a newby who finished his first project. Small tribute to the city I currently live in. As I learn more I plan to add some more things. Would appreciate some feedback!


Hi, well done on completing your first project, however I think you may have forgotten to provide us a link so we can review it!

wow sorry thanks for letting me know! just added the link.

Your design looks good, I like the scrolling pictures, however not sure if you’ve linked the first image up correctly as I think it is just showing the alt-text.

Another thing I would suggest is reviewing the bottom of the page, i’m not sure what the white line is, but i’d look to remove it and just continue the grey background instead, the final line of text would then look better as there would be some space, where as at the minute it looks kind of cramped right next to the bottom of the browser…

Other than that, great work!

Hey thanks for the feedback, I was able to fixed the bottom part, but I’m not seeing the alt-text, where did you see it?

It’s a great start.

Your first slide is blank. Is there supposed to be an image there?
Blue is really hard to read on gray, I would suggest changing your link color.

Thanks! I see all three images on the carousel, i wonder why it’s different, can you screenshot what it looks like from your end?

I’m viewing in Chrome:

yea it shows up on my chrome but not my safari, and the fonts don’t work on my safari either, working on it now, thanks!

on the first image on your carousel, I see you are fixing it now though, but i still see the broken image icon in top left with the words “A Coruña from sky”

okay it works in safari and chrome for me now, if you guys have a chance to look again can you let me know if it’s still missing? Thanks!

Looks good to me! :+1:

My suggestion is two only have a flag class instead of the two different flag classes with the same definition.

.flag {
  width: 100%;
  display: block;
  height: auto;

The Spanish flag needed bottom padding also, so that it was not just stacked on top of the Galician flag.

True makes more sense to have just one class for the flags. Thanks!