First project (tribute page) feedback and questions regarding taking a look at the example´s code at the end

Hi everyone so this is the first project I have completed. You can take a look at it here.

So I went around doing a lot of research about the tags I was using and so on, first I used boxes which I declared in the CSS section with the attributes padding, border and margin but it was all kind of messy since I noticed that I would have to set specific values to make the page work full-screen on my computer, I figured that would get distorted once the page was resized or accessed on a small device. So I went back to my lessons and started using div containers and rows. So I pretty much got it working and responsive but then I decided to take a look at the example´s code taking it as practice to use tags or code that I could understand and that we hadn’t learned as I was doing the FCC tree, namely the class ‘jumbotron’ and ‘thumbnail’; tags: footer, site, blockquote and hr. So the question is was this a good thing to do or bad practice. I would really appreciate your comments on this.
Thank you.

I think this summarizes your question: is it OK to look at others’ solutions. In my opinion, the answer depends on what stage you’re at. In the beginning it’s crucial to solve the coding challenges on your own. You will learn rapidly through your struggle, and there’s nothing like the “ah ha!” feeling once you solve some frustrating problem.

In time your proficiency will increase and you’ll develop your own coding “voice” and opinions. Your opinions can be limiting. This is when comparing your code to others’ is really educational. For example, I completed all the beginning algorithm challenges and then compared my solutions with a friend of mine - seeing his approaches to the problems was really illuminating.

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