First project, tribute page. Need feedback

Hello everyone, I would just like to get some feed back on the tribute page I created.

Blizzard Tribute


This is still a work in progress, I just want feedback on what I currently have.

Hey, good job! One thing: Firefox (and probably other browsers) doesn’t understand .webp images. So your first image (Silicon and Synapse) is not displayed.

Thank you very much! I will keep that in mind for the future :slight_smile:


Yo man, this is pretty awesome for your first project!

You definitely have a good eye for design. Everything fits really well together. I love the throwback to ‘The Lost Vikings’ too. I totally forgot that game even existed. Anyway, nice work, and thanks for sharing. Your page looked good on my laptop running Lubuntu Linux and Chromium.

What other resources have you used to learn HTML and CSS outside of Free Code Camp?


Not much really, if I want to do something with my page and I am not sure how to do it I just go to google or try to find a youtube video! I am really new to this so I don’t know what other resources are out there unfortunately.

That’s what I’ve been doing mostly, too. I got halfway through my Tribute Page, got stuck, and decided to add some supplemental learning before I really started knocking out projects at FCC. Right now I’m reading “Web Design: Start Here” by Stefan Mischook (who’s Youtube videos I really like as well). It’s a great book so far…I’m about halfway through.

I’ve also been going through a short, “JavaScript Programming: Learn by Making a Mobile Game” course I found online for $9. It’s just a silly little game tutorial, but I’ve learned quite a bit from that already. In fact, I think I’m really gonna’ like JavaScript.


That is awesome! I’ll have to read them :slight_smile: