First Project- Tribute page

Hi All,

First Project, tribute page on A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.
Feedback would be highly appreciated.

Tribute page

Looks great! I really like the addition of the carousel attribute, I’m interested in learning to use it! I liked the addition of font awesome. I feel like you made use of all your resources. There were a lot of tags I’ve never seen before as well that I will have to research. Great job!


Thanks for your feedback… Just keep Exploring Bootstrap document you can find all the solutions…

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Great job! I liked the the list hover thing you did down there.How many hours of work did you put into it?
I’m about to start my tribute page and after seeing your page i’ll make sure i’ll use more bootstrap features.


Thanks for your feedback. It took me around 5 hrs since it was my first try on bootstrap.
Good luck with your tribute page and please do tag me so i can review it.
Indeed Bootstrap is a cool feature you can get creative with it.

I like the slider with quotes and the table looks good too. One thing is that your image under the “Books” section is not responsive, so when you view your tribute page on a mobile device you have to scroll left and right. Other than that, nice work!


Thanks for your feedback, now the image is Responsive Tribute Page

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