First Project With freeCodeCamp!

So I just finished my first challenge let me know what you think. You can check it out at

I did my Tribute to a great man, Bob Marley. I was able to put a small drawing of Bob in the header and I made it circular with css. Then I also made the header background scroll through Bob’s signiture colors (red, green, and yellow!) until then stopping with red. This was all done with css no javascript needed.

Finally I just put a basic unordered list together and made it in a column next to a big picture of Bob Marley.

Finally, to finish the requirements I created a heading two with an anchor link with a target of _blank so it can open in another window.

Give me some feedback please and thank you!

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That’s awesome, good job! I really like how the colors are changing in the background, It was a nice twist. I don’t know if this was meant to be this way but your second image in the middle did not show for me when I loaded it, copyright link possibly? I did highlight it to see what it was actually suppose to be.

I just finished my first one to, very intimating when you are just presented with a blank screen a first.