First React App - devQuiz

Hi. I just finished my first React App - devQuiz. As name suggest it’s a simple quiz game for Front-end Developers. It’s not very complex, but because this is my first application, I didn’t want to immediately take on too large of a project.

I would really appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:


Your devQuiz is actually pretty great with some great questions. I think that it would be pretty good for you to add a question range. We can choose the number of questions we desire. I’m guessing that there are 60 questions in total. However, when I select all of them, I’m limited to 20 questions. I can’t go down to 10 questions or the max 60. If you can make your quiz more user interactive, it’ll be pretty good. Otherwise, it’s pretty good. Keep it up! :smiley:


I really like it, but I do miss option to copy from code section or disable auto step to next question.
Sometimes you want to check it out on why things are like that and play around by yourself with code example, but it can be hard because you are instantly thrown to next question.

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I really like it.
Would have to agree that it would be nicer if I could select to move on to the next question


Ditto what others are saying: Wrong answers require a second of review, and a “move on to next question” button would be useful.

I thought I’d want a counter showing proportion correct, but on second thought, it’s distracting.

Where did you pull these questions from? They cover some great topics. Future direction: You may want to code in an explanation pane so that people who can’t immediately understand their error can learn the principle they forgot or didn’t know.

Great idea overall!


I agree, that would be huge boon to this app as well.

Thanks for all the feedback :wink:

I agree without basically all suggestions, and I intend to implement them (will be back to show results :wink:)

As for questions I got them from various resources. The HTML and CSS part comes from quizzes found online, but to be honest I didn’t pay much attention to them. The fun part was JavaScript. I got few questions from David Shariff quiz, few are common interview questions and the rest comes from mobile learning apps from Google Play.

I’m going to add more questions, but first I will work on suggested improvements.

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