First site built for a client

Hey all, I managed to find a local music producer and offered to build a website for free to add to my portfolio.

It’s nearly finished (just a few tweaks and a contact page to finish up) and wanted to see if you had any feedback for it?

In terms of a design brief, there wasn’t much to go on besides him saying that he liked dark colours so I kept things fairly monochromatic with splashes of colour here and there to match one of the logos.


I liked the site, it has a nice atmosphere to it. There is a problem btw: a horizontal scroll bar appears in my browser because the content doesn’t fit the screen, in desktop. I would also add a margin to the sides so the content doesn’t look too much close to the screen borders.
Oh, and also add a target="_blank" to the ‘let’s chat’ button, so it opens the email in other tab.

Thanks mate,

  1. Which browser are you using?
  2. I have a margin for the content such as text, do you mean have a bigger margin? Or a bigger margin on the nav bar?
  3. This one I’ll add asap, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m using Opera:

Yes, I mean a bigger margin, and also one for the nav bar. The best would be the same amount of margin for both the nav bar and the content so the site looks aligned.

Hi @jonathanrace77 :grinning:

Nice website, clean design.
But i have the same issue with the horizontal scrollbar (on Edge chromium) and i think it’s due to your 100vw ‘width’. Change it by a 100% value and it will ok or try with a css reset.

ps: there are also some minor display bug on little mobile screens

Interestingly I don’t see the scrollbar and I’m on Chrome (Maybe I have different settings?)

However, I’ve got into the habit of using 100vw so I guess switching to 100% would be the best way going forward?

Do you remember which bugs there were on mobile?

I don’t think there is a better solution than another. But seeing the scrollbar and the width ‘100vw’ i changed it to ‘100%’ directly in the live version to fix it and it was ok.

For mobile bug display, it appears in the menu when it’s displayed in landscape, the logo overlay the text and the social icons too. (tested trough de dev tools and my old lg g2)

I never even thought to check in landscape! Thanks for bringing that up.

I had a look and yeah that’s a mess, will get on that next, nice one! :smiley:

You have a good eye for color. However, like another person noted, there is a scrollbar on your home page at a certain width, try minimizing it and moving it around to see. Also on other pages it is there.

Nice! If I was your client, I would be impressed… If you don’t mind, where did you find work from clients. I looking to freelance myself and would be interested in finding out how to reach out the potential clients. :grinning:

Even after minimizing the page, I’m still struggling to recreate the horizontal bar. How odd, I’ll go through and change each page though to 100% and will stick to that from now on.

@shaux - I was joining local groups for workers, musicians etc and then posting in there. I actually ended up getting around 10 people hit me up in the end (everyone wants something for free).

Now if only getting paid work was this easy! :smiley:

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I’m pretty sure it’s because one of your elements is going outside it’s borders, because I’m still seeing it in Chrome. For example on the Portfolio page at full screen it is already showing.

@jonathanrace77 It took a while but I did a review of your project! Let me know if you like it :smiley:

Hey thanks for doing this! It was interesting to see such an in-depth review of my creative choices :slight_smile:

I implemented a fair few of the suggestions already since this (bigger margins, compressed images etc) and the project has already been completed but it’s good to get ideas to bring forward into future projects.

Thanks again!

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I took too much time so that’s on me. But I’m glad you manage to tweaked the project even without my help. Keep up the good work :muscle: