First Three Projects -- Feedback Appreciated :D

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on FCC projects for a while and have completed the first three projects. Really taking time to code and also to come up with the content. Would love to know how you think about them.
Thank you!

Tribute page for Steve Jobs: Link

Survey form about people’s life during the Covid-19 lockdown: Link

Product landing page for a flower shop called blossom house: Link

@diane-channgaryue All of your projects are great
but this one

I think if you change the font-family to other because they seem like ugly. If you don’t want to change it is also okay.
This is my first time of giving feedback to projects so if I wrong something you can mention and tell me!
Hope this Help and thank you!

Hi @diane-channgaryue!

Welcome to the forum!

Tribute page:
Review the lesson on Give Links Meaning by Using Descriptive Link Text. Wikipedia is not that descriptive.

Survey form:
I would use the cursor pointer for the submit button.

{cursor: pointer;}

Product landing page:
There is one error in your css. Run your code through the analyzer in codepen. You could add a smooth scroll into your css.

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

Hey @AndrewAung11!

It might help out @diane-channgaryue if you could give more detail as to why they should change the font-family.

Does the font weight need to be lighter? Bolder?
Do you have an issue with the sans serif typeface?
Should they go with a serif instead?


Thanks for your comment! Was trying to pick an easy-to-read font when I created the form and I was choosing between Lato and Open Sans. They are quite similar and I picked lato at the end cause it seems to be more friendly to me.

Thanks @jwilkins.oboe for the useful suggestions! I have updated them in the projects.

In your code you haven’t imported Lato Font. Here the link choose what you like and import it to your website

The font was actually showing fine on my browser even I didn’t import it. Not sure does it happen to everyone’s browser. But thanks for mentioning it I have imported it in the head section.

It is possible that the lato font was already installed on your computer which is why it was showing up for you. But importing the Lato font will ensure that it is seen by everyone.

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@diane-channgaryue Here that is right!