First Time Coder- Feedback on Tribute Page Please?

Hey People!!
Link to my tribute page: Project Link -
Any feedback is welcome, Not really sure how to space the three images at the bottom with captions.
Thanks for reading

So I’m not much further along in the course than you are but I wanted to pass along some feedback that was given to me and it helped.

The link in the top of your html box does not need to be there, if you go to the settings tab there is a spot for it there.

The styling should also be moved over to the css box and not in the html box. That’s why they are separate.

The 3 images on the bottom are not centered because you used col-md-3, there are 12 spaces in the grid system and you spaced 3 items across 3 spaces each so there are 3 left on the end. So to evenly space 3 items across the screen you need to use col-md-4 (3 * 4 = 12). Hopefully I explained that okay. I forked it on codepen and using col-md-4 made them space evenly across the screen.

Good job. I like the design, nice and clean!

edit: the same would go for the 3 links at the bottom if you wanted to space them evenly across the page as well

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kmroncancio, thank you :slight_smile: I have made these changes and the page and code look a lot better.