First time coder

Hi everyone! Hola a tod@s!

I just wanted to say hi and ask for any words of wisdom for beginners. I’m 40 years old and officially making an attempt at switching from Spanish teaching to coding. Given that coding languages are “languages”, do you think previous experiences learning languages could help when learning to code? I’m also interested in learning all the vocab/idiomatic language around coding in Spanish if there are any Spanish speakers out there working in la programación.

Eager to talk and share experiences!

not really, programming languages are yes languages, but they are also a completely different way of thinking.

a background in science, maths and physics specifically, may make things easier as there there is a similar way of thinking.
or a background in logic, also.

for coding in spanish, you could find youtubers, or articles, or documentation websites.
the only one I know of is the MDN, even if the translation is not complete: