First Tribute Page in honour of my granduncle (Feedback is appreciated)

Hello everyone! Still new to coding here.

This is my first attempt on making a tribute page. I have found this project quite challenging but I’ve benefited a lot from it. It was fun working on this tribute page to dedicate the works of my granduncle who played a role during a war. I also used w3schools as an additional resource to build this.

Feedback/additional tweaks are truly appreciated and welcome.

So here it is:


Debug view:

Full view:

Editor view:

(edit: changed font-family to courier)

Pretty good, and big F to pay respects to your grandpa. However, many designers hate Papyrus as a font.

Thanks for the honest feedback.


Very nice work, @plethoire! It’s good to build projects based in what you love, this is what makes you go forward.

In my opinion, the fonts are too big and you could reduce them. There’s a lot of spacing in some areas and the image loading time was a little high.

In addition, you can avoid skipping lines using the br tag through CSS, which will make your code cleaner.

Keep up with the good work!

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Thanks for the honest feedback! I will try to modify my fonts and clean up my code, as well as not to overlargen font-size and spacing on future projects.

Truly appreciated your encouraging response! It benefited me to persue to learn more about code as an interest.