First tribute page issues
Hello, would love feedback on this first project I have attempted. A beginner so it’s very simple but I can’t seem to find that one problem to be able to finish all the tests. Any help and correction would be highly appreciated.

your code passes only 9 user stories it is because your image is not centered. I noticed that you are using text-align: center but the image is not text so try using margin to center it if I change it passes for me.

Hi @elsiejulietjuma !

Welcome to the forum!

Congrats on finishing your first project!

For the image, you will need to google “how to center an image css”
You have a small syntax error in your image tag. You need to add a space before the alt attribute.

      <img id="image" src=""alt="Priscilla Shirer Smiling"/>

For future projects, you will want to use the html validator and css codepen analyzer to check your work for errors.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, using margin to center has also worked for me.

Thank you, will consider using the html validator to check for errors in the future projects.

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