First Tribute Page - Nikola Tesla

This is the first project I have completed in my quest to become a Front End Developer. Nervous and excited for some feedback.

Here is the link: Nikola Tesla Tribute Page

It looks quite vanilla. I hope when you develop your skills you return to this and try improving it.
Also consider putting more detail in the link.

Thank you for the input @JohnnyBizzel. I thought the whole point of the Tribute Page project was to emulate and reproduce it by not looking at its code. That being said, in the future, I will be putting more effort into coding my Portfolio site for FCC. I agree with you on the bad practice for links saying ‘click here.’ In your opinion what would be a better way to show the users that it is both A.) An easy to see clickable link and B.) Good design practice. (*I only ask because the Berkeley site is under maintenance)

Regarding the tribute page, it is fine what you have done. When you are more proficient, then take another look and see if you can make it more interesting. :slight_smile:
Hopefully these will explain the click here issue (I just did a google search):