First tribute page of Tolkien, feedback welcome

Hello everyone,

Here the link of my first tribute page, feedback are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. English is not my mother toungue so any correction about spelling and grammar are welcome too ;).

That’s a nice tribute page :smiley:. There were some spelling mistakes.
*South(south), John(jhon), hobby(hobbys).
*on 8 November he was transferred to England.(include a he).
*In 1971 Judith died (remove an extra ‘in’)

Thank you a lot for you correction :slight_smile:

Hi veroac,

The Page looks good especially the styles which given in headings :grinning:. I have a little suggestion but i don't know the solution for that. While we clicking the buttons("Biography","Bibliography","Links")  the scroll down position should cover with headings, but in your case it don't seems exactly scroll down that position. And also try some Jquery Animation effects for smooth scrolling if you are familiar with Jquery. 

Bye Bye :thumbsup:

No worries :smiley:
Happy coding :smiley:

Thank you for you answer :slightly_smiling_face:, I will investigate on scroll down position.