First Tribute Page - you guys will get a kick out of it!

Hi all

This is my first tribute page,

I used the user stories and also read into the Bootstrap documentation to try some new techniques like

<div class="panel">...</div>

I hope you enjoy it. I would love some feedback on it

I am also blogging about my experiences since I had to do some Read-Search-Ask for a lot of the things I wanted to incorporate.

All in all I think this took me around 6-7 hours including the planning view sketchbook.

You can find the blog post on Medium here:

It looks clean to me; the only minor problem I noticed was that the Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter buttons don’t link anywhere and the last button of the 3 you push will stay pushed in until you click somewhere else on the page.

Well spotted; you are right. I need to figure what those issues with the buttons are.

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

I love it! And Bernie Sanders, absolute legend.

This solves your button problem. I’m hiding it so you can choose to spot it yourself if you so wish. I like the page. Looks good, and I’m feeling the Bern!

[details=Working button]


There was no <a> element, as you’d placed the href within the button element. Place the <a> element nested inside the button, and the button will work but not look right. Outside like this, it works and looks as it should.[/details]


I noticed when I view it on full screen on my desktop the header image doesn’t fit the entire screen other than that it looks good.

Of course! Thank you for that :slight_smile: