First tribute project is done

Hi good folks.

I completed my first FCC tribute project and uploaded the link to my account settings, my question is as following:-

  1. how and when the project is reviewed?
    2.who is going to approve it?
  2. where can I get feedback for the project?

here is the link from

best regards

About the project: cool but not responsive ( you can resize the page and see that the layout will be displaced)^^
Not a big problem for the first project but you should definitely try to implement it in your next one. Everything but that look fine, so I say good job! :+1:

About the questions:

  • 1: I think it was a rapid review of the staff when they had the time to do it, nothing scheduled for us.
    • 1a: Actually I’m not sure about that ^^ Once someone of the staff probably - Now it’s implemented an automatic check if I’m not wrong. (in case you will notice that in the next projects)
  • You can post your work, ask for feedback and if someone has something to say (usually something more than I like it - I don’t like it) it will reply to your post.
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thanks alot for the feedback, every feedback is recived with a more than welcome :slight_smile:

The main title is displaced in smallest view. and overlaps your text below the image.

The font for my beautiful city seems out of place.

Why do you have the same image twice?

Otherwise, it’s fine.


Hi Amanda :slight_smile:

I am trying to make the page more responsive using media query now and for the h3 element of my beautiful city ( I thought I’d mixe 2 family-fonts to make it “maybe” more “cooler” for the reader. and for the images which are placed twice is now fixed :slight_smile:

I admit that I’m having a hard time with the media query fixing and aligning the content as I want it to be, but I’m working on it now