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<!--it is perfect for begineers
Hello World-->

Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff

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Challenge: Comment out HTML

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You made some mistakes here. First of all, you changed the existing h1 element (it doesn’t really exist anymore).

I think it would be easier to start over for this challenge - press Reset All Code.

Then you need to comment out the h1 and the p. Put a <!-- on the line before each and a --> on the line after each. Don’t forget to leave the h2 alone.

One helpful hint is that the editor on the FCC page reads the code. It will turn comments green. So, basically, the h1 and p (and everything in them) should turn green and the h2 should not.

Does that help?

Comments are used for hiding code that you don’t want to see on your webpage, or to make useful notes in your code for yourself or future programmers who see your code.

<h1>This is my heading!</h1>
<!-- <p>This is a paragraph. Maybe I do not want this 
paragraph on my page, so instead of deleting it, 
let me comment it out for now!</p> -->
<h2>This is another heading!</h2> 
<!-- Note to self: Make the second heading blue! -->

Don’t forget, comments are not used to hide sensitive information, because any stranger that lands on your website can see comments if they right-click and “Inspect” the page!

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