First Web Page!

Hey all, I just completed my first web page, and I am in great need of constructive criticism and advice. Thanks!


Hi @alexdowns0,

yeah, i like her very much !!!

Good work, but a few things from my point of view:

  • don’t use inline css!!! you have a css section in your codepen, use it!
  • your code is not clean, turn on your pedantic mode and clean it up!
  • use a padding in thick-black-border in order to move the text away a bit from the border
  • h1 should not be in the head section :wink:
    *<b><ul>Timeline of Gloria Steinem</b> —> this is missplaced and not allowed in html!!! you can use a html validator
  • Timeline of Gloria Steinem —> a light padding of 5 or 10 px to the top would be nice
  • the width of your thick-black-bordered box is not the same width with your color-box
  • the big image is not responsive

overall the page is responsive as i can see, but i suggest to read about bootstrap 3 and their grid with row and col


Kind regards

Thanks I appreciate the feedback!!!