First webpage project help plz

I’m having trouble putting my text on the right of the photo i have on this site. Could someone put me on to what I’m missing?

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Since you are using Bootstrap 4, take a look at the following link on Bootstrap’s Grid System.

It should help you understand how to you can structure columns of information.


Here is an example. I’ve also modified the small-image class to stop it overflowing over the text on smaller screens. Also, here is the documentation for the updated beta version of Bootstrap 4 Grid

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Thanks for the reference, It is proving extremely helpful!

Thanks for the help! My biggest challenge is knowing what numbers to put on the col-md-*. how do i know which numbers to put?

You can put the numbers 1 up to 12 depending on how wide you need the column to be.

Imagine the screen is horizontally divided into 12 columns, the larger the number the wider your container will be. In the example the image is 3 wide and the text takes up the remaining 9. The important thing is that they add up to 12.

Also, it’s much easier than I’m explaining lol

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