First website- how did I do?


Spent time this past summer/quarantine to learn some HTML/CSS. My brother in law needed a website for his business so I made this: I would LOVE some honest feedback. I feel like I’m so “in the weeds” with it that it’s hard to step back and see it from that angle.

This has been challenging, and a LOT of fun. Thank you FreeCodeCamp!!

It is not too bad. The choice of colors could be better, and the spacing for text could be improved. For example, where you have text, you could add some padding/margin.

A good start I think.

I would recommend you add recaptcha or something similar to this form .
Lots of bots are going to submit rubbish there otherwise.

Hey @crunchy409!

Congrats on completing your first website!

A few things I noticed. In the chat section the white text on bright green background is really hard to read. So maybe choose another font color or background color.

Also, the alignment for the bullet points seem a little off here.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!