First Website - Portfolio without Portfolio - What do you think?

Well, I googled a ton of stuff, before the project I basically didn’t know how to do anything. I just tried a lot of stuff, failed with some, and succeeded with others. And, I have to admit, it took me quite some time. 50h at minimum. There were days where I tried to solve a problem and did go 5 straight hours without succeeding. But doing this try, fail, repeat thing helps me a lot in the learning process. And there was even this one js-sliding-effect, which I just copy and pasted, because I didn’t understand js at all. But that’s what I am learning right now. :slight_smile:


This looks really nifty :slight_smile: miles better than the portfolio I’ve been working on haha

Thank you. :slight_smile:

hello Jonathan, you did a really good job on the website and the design, hopefully we get to see new upcoming stuff there. I’m curious to know if you know anything else on programming or just by freecodecamp, because I’m currently at the portfolio stage but still not able to do most of this stuff(ex. about me links and that stuff the showing when you put the mouse over the picture etc.)
thanks, and have a nice day :smiley:

Make it responsive! It looks really nice but in todays world it has to adjust for screen sizes :wink: otherwise well done

Thank you, yes it is definitely the plan to do a lot of projects and share them with this community.
No, I literally didn’t no anything about coding at all. And as I said, I was very overwhelmed with the task and you are probably too. I just started really basic and then googled everything, like “html build a box”, “html position a text”, “css change design div on hovering/mouseover”.
The progress of getting something done that I an hour before didn’t had a clue of how to do was quite motivating for me so I kept going.
I am sure you will figure it out as well, just try and google and ask, again and again. Do you have something already? I definitely would be interested in seeing that and maybe talk about it with you. :slight_smile: Have a good one. :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree, that’s something I am going to work on for sure. Thanks. :slight_smile:

thank you jonathan :slight_smile:, I’m going to start adding these on the portfolio as soon as I can, and as for right now here is my portfolio page
I know it’s not very fancy and advanced but I’ve learned a lot of stuff too while doing this, and I’m just getting better at it, so feel free to offer any suggestion that you think might be a good improvement for the page :smiley:

Cool, very clean design, which I like.

  1. Font-Family
    You could maybe make it look nicer by using differnet font-families. In case you don’t know, you can use a ton of free fonts here: They are very cool and easy to implement.

  2. Structure
    I personally would like the text about you a bit more structured which also would make him look better. For example, you could put the categories “Introduction”, “Hobbies/Passion”, “Skills” on the left side of your box, and on the left side the fitting infos about you. You can then later play around with some cool hover effects. (I like your YT-Channel btw. Left you a sub. Keep it up.)

But I feel that you got this, I started the same way. :slight_smile:
May I ask you how you developed your Video-Editing-Skills? That’s a thing I would like to learn at some point.

thank you very much man, I used one font in the header, but you’re right I should use some fonts in the text, and you gave me a nice idea on what to do to make it better. I appreciate the support man thank you :smiley:
I started editing with movie maker in some high school projects, and then moved to camtasia, but those softwares didn’t help me really much, but I just got some basics down. After that I started working on some videos for some school assemblies and just explored the adobe premiere and played around with the effects. Then me and my class friends were making a documentary in the movie class, and I took the responsibility for the video editing, and I started editing with as little as I knew, but anytime I wanted to add an effect, I looked it up on google and then tried it and learned many new things that way(learning some shortcuts will make it much easier), then I did some videos for my previous teacher and I started experimenting more on the effects and just finding more and more stuff and I got pretty good at it. If you want to start editing and doing just some interesting stuff I would suggest filmora, since lately I started using it, and it is very simple and easy to learn, also you can add themes or effects easily, while I would suggest you work with adobe premiere only if you want to make a video with really personal preferences and really detailed editing, but it takes more time.
Difference between filmora and adobe premiere is the same as (filmora) creating a website in or any other page creating sites, and (adobe premiere) creating a page with notepad
Feel free to ask if you don’t understand something or want to know something more :smiley:

I think it looks great, Jonathan! Nice work. Very professional looking.

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No problem.
Thank you, sounds good, the learning process probably is kinda similar with web development and video editing. Thanks for you suggestions. :slight_smile:
Is there an easy way to monetize your video editing skills or have you already?

You’re right, they are similar :smiley:
the videos that I edit for my youtube channel are monetized, so when I get more views, I will receive more money. But also when my previous teacher asked me to edit his videos, I edited around 5 videos for him, and I didn’t ask him for any money, but he choose to give me 50 euros, because I fixed his computers too.
I can monetize my video editing skills, but the only reason I don’t do it is that I haven’t shared that with a lot of people and I’m not trying to make money out of it even though I can, and I used mostly premiere, so editing one short video took a lot of time, so if anybody asks me to edit videos I’ll probably use easier softwares on the future. Starting with small projects can make you learn a lot on video editing, and then sharing that with all the people you know will help you get more projects on hand which can lead to more profit and keep learning more and more :smiley:

Good stuff. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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You should include your tribute page in the portfolio section.

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Hey man… Impressive portfolio… Good job.

I just viewed your site on my mobile device and you should make it responsive.

Looks pretty nice! Loved it. Keep it up!

Happy codding!

It’s awesome man.What did you use create the school,remote icons and fading out actions?

we should lock post after six months or something lol