Fix project after submission?

I just finished my responsive design portfolio project, and I must have not seen a couple barely visible errors in my text before submitting and claiming my certificate. I’m wondering am I able to go back in and delete the extra tag signs or would that void the certification?

You can fix or improve your project.

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Hey there, pretty much the same question here. I wanted to make some projects look better after getting my certificate, now when I save the code, it’s not updated on the certificate link… How can I make it updated? thanks!

Welcome @Leagian ,

Be sure to RESUBMIT your project with the updated code you want. Saving the code only saves it for use in the editor.

Hope this clarifies

Thanks a lot for your reply, how to Resubmit though?
Thanks again, Lea

omg just found it thanks a lot, feel way better!

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