Flask, Django, Regex Tutorials Needed

Hi, all. In the training program I’m in, I’ve been assigned some work that requires me to use Flask or Django, and also Regular Expressions. (Python-centric.) Can anyone recommend some tutorials for those technologies that are short enough to go through quickly, explain what different commands do, give me exercises to work through, and can get me onramped to being able to do basic stuff? Many thanks!

Hello, for Django you could look up this thread.

I’ve found it just by using the search option on the forums for Django.

Oh, finding tutorials isn’t the problem. They’re a dime a dozen. But plenty of them aren’t good for my purposes–too long, not explanatory, no exercises. I’m asking for recommendations. Thanks, though.

Fair enough, :yum:

First link is short tutorial with examples to work out … is pretty good … second link is for creating and practicing regular expressions … strangely i learned more using the second one from trial and error



This was a great video for regular expressions … a lot of great info in it

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Search for sentdex on YouTube, he has tutorials about python in a wide of topics, including Flask and Django.

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Thanks, John. I’m looking forward to looking at these resources. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the recommendation, Oxyrus. I’ll look for that as soon as I can. :slight_smile: