Flexbox not working!

Hello guys! I’m trying to understand why my #projects section is not wrapping and has this “column” behavior.

I want to put two “#project-tile” side by side and the other two down.

I let my codepen : [https://codepen.io/eutudo94/pen/mdpWjZw?editors=1100]

This is part of Personal Portfolio project in the Responsive Web Design course. Thank you!

Could you explain in more detail what you mean? Or did you already do what you wanted? Because to me it looks like you got it working how you wanted, but if I am wrong let me know.

I’m seeing what @eucalyptus is seeing.
It seems to be working and the Site Looks Good.

Are there still problems… The only thing I can see is a slight Left Alignment of the Image set. But I assume that that is Purposeful.

Actually, I think I understand… Are you wanting the images to stack one on top of the other at small widths?..

Hello! I managed to do it! :muscle: I think i wasn’t doing the flexbox in the right parent because then i had a flash in my head and i created the “#projects ul{}” and it worked. And i’m still working in the left alignment, i want it to be centered.

Thank you for the responses.

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I liked this, this was funny.

: )

The Gradient looks Good Too…

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And now i have that problem because i want to make the gradient in the contacts section but i don’t understand why the gradient is starting from the text to bottom.

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