Flexbox - yes, animations - not right now

I am messing with CSS layouts right now, trying to apply flexbox patterns to my existing projects(mainly to my solutions to Responsive Web Dev certs). After that it will be some Grid I guess.

And have strong feeling that I will not need CSS animations in the near future, I want to completely ignore it for quite some time. Is that a right thing to do? I just feel like it’s too much stuff going on: JS,CSS,projects,Git… I need to get rid at least of something

Hi @admit8490

I am student as well but I think it is important learn and practice general layouts and look for how to solve some specific issues, even animations. It is probably the best way to start with CSS, learning Grid and Flexbox, and keep learning as you building your projects.
Probably the Odin Project suits you right now. You can chek their curriculum in this link : All Paths | The Odin Project (Git, GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Ruby, …)
To refresh flexbox knowledge you could do one chapter of this everyday. It is really useful: Flexbox Zombies
For real practice with a couple of small projects and practice responsive design and flexbox, this one it could help you:
Conquering Responsive Layouts (21 days course)
(mobile first, max-width, flexbox,…).
Kevin Powell YouTube channel have more good stuff as well.
Wes Bos has a few great courses for free too:
Courses Dashboard | Wes Bos
(Grid, Flexbox, JavaScript projects)
And to practice with projects, you could use FrontEnd Mentor, they provide the assets and HTML. https://www.frontendmentor.io/home
All that is for free, but there are more good resources in internet as mdn Web Docs or Scrimba, for example.
I hope that give you some ideas. Happy coding!

This is a plenty of feedback, great thanks to you!

I have a plans about Odin projects definitely from the very beginning of my learning efforts.

I’ve heard about it first on YouTube, but there I’ve also heard that fCC is kinda little more beginner-friendly. so I am starting here.

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