Flexsquares helpful here or no?

Would learning flexbox be helpful or needed to make this, or its not needed or wont be helpful for this?:

Want to make a simple page (webpage):

  • Want it to have 2 columns left and right side
  • Pic/image would be on left side so dont think left side would need much css if any
  • Right side would have a simple title (heading) + some text
  • Cant think of anything else for this, I think thats pretty much it for now, ask any questions about it
  • The edges of both sides would extend to the left top bottom and right all the way
    • Meaning that the pic on left side would be touching the edge/boarder of your/the screen
    • Same with all the other sides

Think that this should be easy enough and not too complicated/complex

  1. What are the best ways to create 2 columns for this?

  2. Would learning flexbox be helpful or needed to make this, or no? Or wont be helpful/needed?

  3. What things are needed to know for the 2 columns? And which sites explains those things well?

  4. Is there anything helpful or needed for the “touching edges” feature? Of the site/page

Looked at a couple/bunch of sites to give a visual example but couldnt find any,

  • One was like a 3x3 (with each of the squares being of varying sizes) so nothing saw really came very close except this one. Also did not like how the other sites looked or did things

  • So hopefully the verbal/written description is sufficient enough

All code and everything for this is going to have css + html on same file since its much much easier and clearer to understand and see. And having them seperated doesn’t make any sense

In future when learning a tiny bit of javascript would use this same project to learn. May make it into a small flipbook / magazine type of layout but we’ll see what happens


May use https://codepen.io/pen/ to put code in
Since you can see mutiple docs/files on the screen (at the same time, simulatously ) + visual preview of code (webpage)

Will try in vscode first but if have another problem am just not gonna use vscode and gonna uninstall it

If there are desktop editors that are like codepen ( mutiple panes/subwindows + preview), which are those?

I like using grid layout for making columns.

Seems like youtube said grid was better for this kinda thing

Didnt think would need to learn flexquares or grid to do something basic… like this but seems like you do

Seems like youtube is saying things were so much worst before these css/code things were invented invented which is surprising that that could be possible…

Seems like flexquares was invented only 4 yesrs or something ago…

Didnt find anything that was most comprehensive or explanatory, if anyone know can link/send me so can get started on making/doing this

have you seen the project in fCC curriculum that teaches the grid layout?
(check the responsive web design projects…)

Both flexbox and grid have their own pros and cons. I would highly suggest you learn both.

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