Flexy-Sassy Weather Refactoring

I wanted to learn flexbox and sass without trying to do so while working on a more challenging project that had other problems to solve, so I killed all the existing css and Bootstrap on my previous Local weather app and replaced it with this:


It’s very, very simple, but it’s my first outing with flexbox, and I’m pretty happy with it :slight_smile:


Here’s what it used to look like:


Well done! It does have a vertical scrollbar even if there is obviously enough space to fit everything. Maybe you could also give the icon a little margin-top.

BTW Good idea. I still have to learn sass and flexbox, so I might also redo a project.

Huh - weird, I did not even notice that scroll bar. I’ll have to twiddle some knobs and press some buttons behind the curtain…

Thanks for the suggestions.

I tweaked the icon a little and changed the vh…

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I only recently used sass, and I like how you can make more readable media queries there, Also, flexbox ftw!