Floating footer

Hello everyone,
I am facing some issues with footer positioning. I tried absolute position and setting left, bottom and right values to 0, but the footer floats in the middle of the page.
Here is the pen: https://codepen.io/malekhammou/pen/MLXmbP?editors=1100#0
Thank you for your help.
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Delete “position:absolute”. The footer will be at the bottom of the page and will stay there.

If you want the footer always to be on screen, then use “position: fixed”. In that case, the footer will be on screen even if you scroll.

Hope you got your answer :slight_smile:

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Hello ,
Thank you for your answer . Actually I don’t want it to be fixed even if I scroll . I just want it to stay in the bottom of the page

tried this, footer still floats (also having this issue).
Could you send a piece of code?
Edit: I found the solution. Set html and body’s margin property to 0 in the css @malekhammou!

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Thank you very much !!! It’s solved