FLUX help needed! How to use Alt

Hello everyone,
I have been trying to understand the principles of FLUX on my own and haven’t understood how to write in this standard… I get the concepts of stores/actions/dispatcher/views, but I can’t seem to implement any of those in my current project, because my knowledge is more abstract. I am not sure how to apply FLUX to my current project… I am looking for someone who could help me with it, someone who walks me through all the process with using Alt…
Thanks in advance!
Natalia (petajamaja).

Are you set on using Alt? I haven’t built anything with it, but it looks like the most complicated Flux library I’ve ever seen. There are lots of good resources on using Redux, but Alt is a bit harder to find.

Hello! No, I don’t have to use Alt, it’s just that this particular tutorial ( http://sahatyalkabov.com/create-a-character-voting-app-using-react-nodejs-mongodb-and-socketio/ ) that I found very profound uses exactly Alt… But it proved to be much harder to grasp than I imagined. Do you have some Redux tutorials, could you please share them with me?
Thank you for replying!

I followed this one by LearnCode.Academy last year when I was first learning the library. What I like about it is that he doesn’t use React in it until the very last video, which made it much easier to see how Redux works. Once you are more comfortable implementing Redux, hooking it into React is actually really simple and you should be able to complete that tutorial without many changes. I created a test app using Redux and jQuery, so you can see it in action:

Thank you very very much!! I will look into it!